What If Money Conversations Before Marriage

If you’re ever bored one night before your wedding, start a conversation with your fiance about money and finances. Chances are you might not see eye to eye. That’s exactly why you need to have what if money conversations before marriage.

One of the best ways to avoid fighting about money after you get married is to have some what if conversations before marriage. Here are some topics that you should talk about.

I’ll openly admit that I don’t enjoy talking about money in my own marriage. It always feels like I’m walking on hot coals trying not to get burnt. What I do know though is that when you can have open conversations about a bunch of important what if subjects, you can not only avoid a massive fight, but you can, more importantly, get on the same page.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • I’ll dish on the top what if conversations to start
  • Hear about my own struggles with money and marriage
  • What’s the #1 what if conversation you don’t have, but should
  • How in the world do you even begin to bring up what if conversations

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Make Your Tax Return Count

There's always the question of what to do with your tax return. I give you permission to have fun with a portion of it but the rest, that should be saved for a smart money move.

Make Your Tax Return Count

It’s tax time and that means you start the seemingly endless wait for your return showing up in your bank account. What to do with all that money?

While you’re probably dream of tropical escapes and that brand new car you been eyeing, I’m here to offer a few suggestions to help you grow your return so you can have even better options down the road.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • We’re talking 3 smart tips for your tax return
  • I give you permission to have fun with a portion of your return
  • Why taxable accounts might make sense
  • How to build a solid savings mindset


How to Invest in Real Estate – Abhi Golhar

Real Estate Investing by Abhi

Sure you’ve heard of the success of Fixer Upper and in fact the whole HGTV network. You can’t escape real estate investing these days and it seems like everyone has a “deal” in the works and some amazing way to make a ton of cash.

So you say you want to invest in real estate? Abhi Golhar's been at it since college and he's sharing some tips and tricks to get you started.

Real estate investing is certainly not for the faint of heart – but for those that can stick it out, it can be financially rewarding. Abhi has been real estate investing since he was in college, learning some tough lessons along the way.

On This Podcast Episode:

Abhi’s dishing his tips to investing in real estate, the lessons he’s learned along the way and why real estate investing CAN be super lucrative as a side hustle or career. If you have questions for Abhi after the episode, please contact me. We’d love to do some follow-up episodes sharing more of Abhi’s stellar advice.

3 Reasons to Care About the Interest Rate Hike

All the Fuss With Interest Rate Hikes

You’ve probably gotten through life thus far not really caring about what the Federal Reserve does when it meets a few times each year and couldn’t care less about the Fed Funds Rate. You might’ve heard rumblings on the news about interest rates going up and thought, “Well, I don’t really care about that.” I’m here to tell you that you should care or at least know what the heck it means when the Fed raises the rates.

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates again and as millennials you should pay attention. There are three key areas that could hit your wallet hard - credit card interest rates, car and home loans, and student loan refinancing rates.

On This Podcast

We’re going to dish about three reasons why you should care about the interest rate hike. This is a not so subtle hint that raising the interest rates actually does matter to you and your wallet. The Fed raises the rates to stabilize the economy but what ends up happening is any of your loans tied to variable interest rates will go up.

  • Find out what the Fed is and why interest rates go up
  • How the raising interest rates affect your bank account
  • What you can do to counteract the higher interest rates
  • Why higher interest rates are good news for savers who want to take advantage of higher interest rates on high-yield savings accounts

Are You Part of Generation Stress? How to Avoid Money Stress Once and For All

Millennials are called "generation stress" because of high student loans, unemployment, credit cards debt and low savings rates. Here are some tips to avoid money stress once and for all. Millennials are Generation Stress

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, 18 to 35-year-olds are the most stressed out generation ever—earning ourselves the nickname “Generation Stress.”

I got this question recently from a listener who is definitely feeling the stress. “We have two degrees in marketing, with over $75,000 combined student loan debt making it paycheck to paycheck in what should be an exciting life filled with going out, buying new cars and saving for a home. How can we possibly save money when we’re living in a small apartment just getting by? It wasn’t supposed to be like this for sure!

My friends are all in the same situation – good jobs – not great, but good. Loads of student loan debt, some credit card debt in there, daydreaming through social media and living vicariously through everyone else that has either figured out a secret we don’t know or are going even more in debt each month. Is there a solution to this madness?”

On this Podcast Episode

  • I’m sharing my tips to battle money stress once and for all
  • Understand how you can get to the bottom of your money stress
  • Work through an exercise to help you deal with your stress
  • I’ll share my own money stress stories too and how I use the app Headspace to counteract my stress

Millennials and Stress

I know stress isn’t easy. It can pop up at any moment in time and leave you breathless. One of the best things I’ve learned over the years is to not freak out whenever something happens money-wise. You can’t think straight when you’re stress and it’s much easier to make a small money mistake turn into a large one when you’re busy stressing out.




Crush Your Goals

What does it take to crush your goals? Whether you want to start a business, travel the world, or simply pay off your debt, you've got to have a system in place to help you crush your goals.

Crush Your Goals in 2017

We all make those crazy New Year’s resolutions, and then promptly decide not to achieve them. Why do we bother to go through the same process over and over again with the same results? The gigs up, and it’s time to crush your goals in 2017, and get a system in place to do so.

Yes, we all know what a goal is. That’s the easy part. I’ve learned a lot over the years about achieving goals, and I’m sharing my strategies for success in this podcast episode. I’ve also got a bonus to help you #crushyourgoals.

From now until December 31, 2016, you can register for my Budget Breakthrough Bootcamp e-course for only $79 with the code CYBERSALE. This online course is like no other – not only are you getting thousands of dollars of value, but it’s also jammed packed with my secrets that I use with clients over and over again to achieve real goals like:

  • Pay off massive debt
  • Set up a budgeting system and stick to it
  • Know your numbers and how much you spend each month
  • Get in sync with your partner and quit fighting over money
  • and so much more!

3-Part System

If I’ve learned anything about crushing goals, it’s that you need a 3-part recipe for success: achievable, write them down, and finally, and most importantly, committing to those goals more than you have anything else (even those of us with commitment phobia).


Doing Healthy on a Budget | Kate Root + Revel

How do you eat healthy on a budget? Kate from Root + Revel is sharing her secrets to eating healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle, all on a budget.

Doing Healthy on a Budget

Yes, it’s possible to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle all on a budget. While the recent trends have been to buy all organic, which is, of course, great, it can also be a big drag on your bank account.

I’ve teamed up with Kate from Root + Revel to share all about her awesome entrepreneurial journey and what lead her to launch of Root + Revel. Root + Revel features all sorts of healthy recipes, reviews on skin care and lifestyle products, and a fantastic free resource library full of goodies to help you do healthy on a budget.

Root + Revel features all sorts of healthy recipes, reviews on skin care and lifestyle products, and a fantastic free resource library full of goodies to help you do healthy on a budget. I’m addicted to her site already and can’t wait until she publishes a new recipe each week.

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Millennial Music Chat | Dreamers

Meet the Dreamers, a cool millennial band with a unique sound and entrepreneurial spirt.Meet Dreamers

As they continue to rise on the charts of alternative radio, Los Angeles-based via Brooklyn Dreamers unleash their own unique sound on the world with melodious hooks and introspective lyrics, all while blending their favorite elements of pop, indie rock, and even jazz.

Dreamers have a full and ambitious sound for a trio, with Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Marc Nelson (bass/vocals), and Jacob Wick (drums).

Frontman Nick Wold spoke from his Houston hotel room; conversing about his NYU jazz days, existential philosophy and his love for a Seattle-based rock trio.

Check Out Dreamers

Score a Deal On Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and it's hard to know if you're actually getting a deal or not. Check out this podcast for the ultimate guide to Black Friday shopping with Courtney from NerdWallet.

Black Friday Deals

It’s no surprise that Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It’s like winning the jackpot at Vegas for retailers both on and offline. I’m a true skeptic thought. I mean, are we really getting a deal, or are we paying a “reduced price” for something that isn’t actually reduced. It’s why Black Friday shopping has always left a bad taste in my mouth.

NerdWallet to the Rescue

I’m a huge fan of NerdWallet and all of their money resources, so I decided it would be a good idea to ask their retail shopping expert, Courtney, about my Black Friday skepticism. In fact, NerdWallet has an entire section of their website devoted to Black Friday ad leaks and deals that you should know about BEFORE you go shopping.  Courtney shared a ton of great tips for the best shopping experience.

Before you bundle all up (if you live somewhere cold, and not in Los Angeles like me) and head out at some ungodly hour like 2am for a store open, make sure you spend some time to do your research. Knowing what to buy and where will save you a ton of cash that you can put towards better things like paying off debt, or that slush fund for a New Year’s eve getaway.

If you score a good deal, let me know about it!

How Married Life Equals More Cash

Marriage and money is a tough subject, but if you do it right you could end up with more cash in your pocket. Marriage and Money

It’s no joke that marriage and money is tough. You have two people with two different ways of managing money coming together to form one. It can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t come into the marriage with an open mind.

I always tell people that you’ve got to play to your strengths. Whatever you’re good at – using an app to track spending, setting a weekly budget, organizing your financial documents, etc. – that’s what your job should be. Too often I see couples that try to get the other spouse to play to their weaknesses. Of course, that doesn’t work so well.

Married Life = More Cash

Married life can provide so many amazing benefits, and one of them is more cash in your pocket. On this podcast, we’re covering lots of different ways that marriage can equal more cash, and hopefully providing you some ideas that this marriage thing might not be so bad after all.

One of the best things you can do as a married couple is set aside some time each week to talk about money. I know it isn’t the most exciting topic – but it can be. It can be whatever you make it. If you’re stressed…then it will be stressful, but if you approach it with an open mind and as a “fun” activity, it can be a time to strategize and focus on what’s going right.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling with marriage and money. You aren’t alone. Keep working at it, but know that some days it will be tough, and some days it will be easy. That’s why they call it work.

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