Should I Care About Raising Interest Rates

Raising interest rates can and do have an impact on your saving and spending. Int this podcast episode, I'm dishing why you should care and offering tips to ensure that as interest rates go up your budget won't explode as well.Do Interest Rates Matter?

In short, yes, interest rates do matter. Think about your car loan, or your home loan, or even your savings account. Interest rates have a direct impact on all of these types of loans and financial products.

The word on the street is that the Fed is going to raise the Fed Funds rate at least .25% before the end of the year. There are countless articles that are speculating about what will or won’t happen. My guess is that interest rates will go up before the end of the year, but before you begin to panic, you must know that won’t have a dramatic impact on your budget. However, depending on the types of loans you have, you might feel the interest rate rise a bit.

In this podcast episode, I’m dishing tips on how to make it through the interest rate rise and explaining why you should care.

Should You Pay Off Debt or Save Money?

Answering the classic question on this episode of Millennial Money.

Pay Off Debt or Save Money?

That’s the classic debate – the #1 question I’m always asked. While it’s always easy to figure the answer out when you’re helping a friend, it can be hard to figure it out for yourself. It seems like a trick question. Is it wrong if pay off debt? Is it wrong if I save money? OMG, I’m so confused.

Don’t Stress Yourself Out

Not to spoil the thunder of this Millennial Money podcast episode, but the answer is neither one is wrong and neither one is right. They are just two choices and you have to do your best to figure out what will work for your individual situation.

In this podcast episode I’m covering:

  • What is smart debt and what is dumb debt
  • The two ways you use to pay off debt
  • A real live case study of a millennial stuck in this situation
  • What should your payoff plan look like

Here’s a link to a great resource where you can create your own payoff plan for any type of debt. Ready For Zero’s tool will help you crush all types of debt.

You can totally do this – whether you choose to pay off the debt, save your money or a combination of both, you’re headed in the right financial direction. Just don’t keep yourself stuck figuring out what the “right” way is, because they’re both right.

Got Renters Insurance?

If you're a millennial and you rent, then you need to know about the power of renters insuranceA new survey released by insuranceQuotes finds that millennials are most likely to rent homes, but very few are covered by renters insurance. And while coverage is not expensive, not having it could cause a huge financial hardship – and that’s no joke!

“A big takeaway from the survey is that many consumers underestimate the benefits of renters insurance and overestimate its cost. The average annual premium is $188; however, 25 percent of 18- to 29-year-old respondents believe they’d have to pay $1,000 or more. We need to educate a new generation of renters who don’t fully understand its benefits because it’s an affordable financial safety net that every renter should have,” says Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst for insuranceQuotes.

On today’s podcast I’ll chat with says Laura about:

  • Why you need renter’s insurance
  • How to find the best policy
  • How much you should spend
  • What the heck it covers

Want more info? Follow me on Twitter @shannahgame and Instagram @millennial_money.

9 Ways to Save & Spend Your Tax Refund

If you're lucky enough to score a big fat tax refund, here are 9 clever ways to spend and save it so you can maximize the money - and still have some fun!Do You Want to Splurge With Your Tax Refund?

It sounds like fun, right? Head on out and spend your tax refund. During the 2015 tax season, the IRS reported an average tax refund of around $2,776.*

Before you decide to spend the entire refund, the experts at TaxSlayer, a leading online tax service provider, have compiled a list of Top 9 ways to help taxpayers like you spend & save your tax refund.

Being wise with your refund can benefit not just the wallet, but also give you added peace of mind. (more…)

Are Your Efforts to Save Money Costing You Money?

Sometimes you may think you are saving money but you aren't actually. Here are some great tips to help you save money!Yes, it makes sense to compare prices and try to find the best deals when buying stuff, but is it always worth it to save money? Sometimes, we spend so much time trying to find the best deal that we actually spend hours doing so, when we could be using our time more wisely. Or we think we’re getting a deal, but we’re really not.

In fact some of these very things you do to save money might be more common than you think. (more…)

Secrets to Save 1K, 5k, 10K This Year

Want to know how to supercharge your savings this year? Check out this article, podcast and FREE downloadable cheat sheet with a ton of ideas.Everyone always wants to know what are the secrets to save money. In fact, one of my most popular podcasts was on Saving 1K in 6 Weeks. It seems like you know that you should be saving, but you have so many questions and don’t know where to start…so like most things money related, you just don’t save. (more…)

Ultimate Guide for Money Apps, Programs & Software


Confused about which money apps to download? Check out my Ultimate Guide for Money Apps 2016 and put your money habits on auto-pilot.There are thousands of money apps on the market, and countless programs and companies that offer  solutions for millennials…but which ones do you choose?

Even I’m guilty of serious “over download” when it comes to trying out money apps. The problem is, most of us download the app, but we never use it. Hmmm, that does cause a problem.

Check out my podcast below where I talk about some of my favorites and share a few stories about how I use these apps and programs.

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Want the guide? Click on the image below!

I’m bringing you all the tools that I use on a daily basis to help me be better with my finances. It’s all about making budgeting, saving and investing easier for you this year!

If you’re looking to supercharge your savings this year, sign-up for my free e course Build a Better Budget. It’s all about teaching you how to make budgeting easy AND find ways to achieve your goals through your awesome new budget. Sign up below and join the fun!


So You Want to Save $1000 in 6 Weeks…Here’s How

SAVE 1000So you want to save $1,000 in 6 weeks. Think it’s impossible? Think again!

When one of the listeners from my Millennial Money iTunes podcast contacted me to help her meet this goal, I was so excited to  get a plan in place to not only hit the goal but beat the goal.

In this podcast, I discuss how she did it, and how you can as well. With just 6 simple steps in under 6 weeks, she was able to save over $1,075 and the challenge hadn’t even ended yet. She was confident she could save another $150ish before the 6 weeks was up.

Check out the podcast episode below

[smart_track_player url=”…Here_s_How.mp3″ title=”So You Want to Save $1,000 in 6 Weeks…Here’s How” artist=”Shannah Compton Game” social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_gplus=”true” social_linkedin=”true” social_stumble=”true” social_pinterest=”true” social_email=”true” ] (more…)

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