Stuck in the trap of thinking that you must get a tax return? I'm going to show you (or tell you) why getting $0 in your refund is your best strategy. If you’re getting a big fat juicy tax return every year you’re probably doing the whole tax thing wrong. What? Yes, I know, it goes against your thinking, but the follow question is, “If you could keep more of your money each month, would you want that?”

My guess is you would answer yes. Or, at least I would hope you would answer yes. You see, we’ve been programmed to think that unless we’re getting a large refund back we’ve somehow failed at this whole tax refund game. That simply isn’t true. released a new survey that helps prove this point. The best tax strategy is to get $0 as your refund. That means that you’ve selected the right withholding amount on your paycheck so you’re maximizing your money each and every month.

On This Podcast:

  • We’re dishing why the $0 refund strategy is the best
  • Why you should pay attention to your withholdings
  • The power of keeping your money working for you

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